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Weber Updates their Q Series Electric Grills (2014)

In preparation for the 2014 grilling season, Weber released an updated design for their electric grills and gave them new names. The Weber Q140 and Weber Q240 have been discontinued and replaced with the Weber Q 1400 and Weber Q 2400.

From the product information that I’ve seen, Weber updated the exterior style and it looks great. The grilling space and enameled cast iron grates are the same. The prices have a small adjustment as well.

Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

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A few years ago I purchased a Q140 and this past summer upgraded to the Q 240. The extra 90 square inches of cooking space and included enameled cast iron grates really improve the performance and grilling experience. I expect the new Q1400 and Q2400 will perform well.

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After working with both an older model Q140 and Q240, the larger grilling space and enameled cast iron grates really make the difference. After a few grilling sessions, it seasoned up well and the food tasted “outdoor grilled”. Upgrading to the Q 240 was worth it.

Outdoor electric grills are great for condos that have fire code restrictions and anyone that does not want to work with charcoal or gas. The Weber Electric Q series is a great option. And if you have enough outdoor space, go with the Weber Q 2400.