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Free dishwasher clean dirty sign tip

Do you like to put nearly clean dishes in the dishwasher such that you can’t actually tell if it’s a clean or dirty load of dishes? Usually behind with putting away the clean dishes?

No judgments from me!! When you live alone, or just use a few dishes because of long workdays, the dishwasher takes longer to fill up. And because it takes a while to fill up, leaving super nasty dirty dishes in there is just disgusting. The dishwasher is useful for making sure the dishes are really clean.

I put the dishes in somewhat clean I run the dishwasher on the quick cycle. I can save some water and energy since the dishwasher doesn’t need to do the heavy cleaning.

Open dishwasher with white dishes

You’re probably asking why I don’t just hand wash my dishes. For a few things I do, and then try to dry them in a clean dishwasher. In reality, though, I don’t have the sink space or time to do a full set of dishes.

The problems with putting nearly clean dishes in the dishwasher

  • There’s been multiple times where I mixed up dirty dishes with clean dishes.
  • Or I stood there for a minutes trying to decide if they were clean or dirty and just ran the cycle again (and more likely than not actually ran the cycle on clean dishes).

Again no judgments from me!!

One simple trick to mark my dishwasher load as clean

The simple trick would be to use one of those cute magnets, but if you have a stainless steel dishwasher that’s not an option.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I came up with this tip, but I think it was partially out of necessity. You know when you open the dishwasher and some of the top rack items have extra water? I flip them so the water will dry out.

I completely admit that I’m generally behind with putting away clean dishes, but did you notice what just happened? Those flipped items should signal that the load is clean. You’d never put a cup in facing up, for example.

So now, whenever a dishwasher load is done I flip at least one item on the top rack, near the front, and leave the dishwasher open to finish drying. Eventually, I’ll put away the dishes but if I have a new dirty item I can tell immediately when I open the dishwasher if it’s safe to put it there or just leave it in the sink.

How about you? Do you stumble on the clean/dirty dishes? Do you do something else?

Free Dishwasher clean dirty sign trick