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How much can I grill on a Weber Q2400?

It’s not easy to tell from a picture what 280 square inches of cooking area actually equates to. The other thing to consider is the inside slope of the lid which means you can’t grill all the way up to the edge of the grates. Regardless, you can still fit a good amount of food within the cooking area.

Turkey burgers on the Weber Q240 Electric Grill

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Let’s start with hamburgers and turkey burgers. I used BUBBA Turkey burgers for this experiment. The standard box comes with 8 patties and I decided to cook half the box. Four patties more than comfortably fit on the grill so it looks like six burgers can be grilled at the same time without running out of space. As an alternative, you could grill fewer burgers to leave space to warm up a few buns.

Or try something completely different. For a few past Christmases and Easters, I’ve grilled frenched racks of lamb. (Yes I can grill outside in winter!) I’ve been able to fit 2 racks on my grill without a problem.

Boneless chicken breasts on an electric grill

About 7 to 8 Boneless Pork chops, depending on their size.

About 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Sometimes I cut them in half for portion control.

Grilled chicken legs on a Weber Electric Grill

Chicken legs – I’ve grilled up to 10 chicken legs at one time, but it’s going to depend on how large they are. You’ll want to leave enough space between them and the alternating position may help squeeze in extra legs without overcrowding the grates.

You can also try different kinds of vegetables including bell peppers, asparagus, and even tomatoes. You may find that you’ll need to either grill on aluminum foil or another type of pan to avoid smaller food items from slipping around on the grates.

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