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Instant Pot Duo Nova: Quick Guide to the model series

Have you heard that the Instant Pot® (the official name, though sometimes called an Instapot) released a new model, the Instant Pot Duo Nova? Let’s take a look at what’s new with this model and the sizes available.

Instant Pot designs each of its electric pressure cookers to be convenient, safe, and dependable. And they recently released a new model. As with each Instant Pot, they are mostly the same with slight variations that might make you choose one version over the other. Let’s take a look at the new Instant Pot Duo Nova, now available in four sizes.

Picture of the inside of an Instant Pot

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What is the Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker?

If you’re not familiar with the Instant Pot®, it is a smart multi-use Electric Pressure Cooker designed to be dependable, convenient, and safe. It also speeds up the cooking time so your meals are available faster, making this kitchen appliance energy-efficient.

There are multiple models for you to choose from and Instant Pot released this new model in August 2019 that we’ll take a look at here. It’s available on Amazon for more information.

6 Quart Instant Pot Duo Nova
6 quart

Available Instant Pot Duo Nova Sizes

The Instant Pot Duo Nova is available in four sizes: 3 quart, 6 quart, 8 quart, and 10 quart. Yes, with this new model, a 10 quart version was added to the lineup. And currently, this is the only model available in the largest Instant Pot size.

Instant Pot Duo Nova combines multiple appliances into one

One of the benefits of an Instant Pot is that it combines multiple appliances into one appliance. Save counter space, storage space, and money by having one kitchen appliance to use for multiple cooking needs.

Let’s take a look at the appliances combined in the Instant Pot Duo Nova:

Duo Nova Mini 3 QuartDuo Nova 6 QuartDuo Nova 8 QuartDuo Nova 10 Quart
Number of Appliances Combined7777
Pressure CookerYesYesYesYes
Slow CookerYesYesYesYes
Rice CookerYesYesYesYes
Yogurt MakerYesYes
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Smart Programs available in the Instant Pot Duo Nova

Instant Pot created smart programs to help the home chef be able to cook with the press of a button. The smart programs created based on extensive testing, control heat intensity, temperature, pressure, and duration.

Aside from each Instant Pot series having different smart programs, not all of the sizes within a model will have all of the smart programs included. For example, the mini 3 quart models usually have a few fewer programs than its larger 6- and 8-quart siblings have.

Duo Nova Mini (3 Quart)Duo Nova 6 QuartDuo Nova 8 QuartDuo Nova 10 Quart
Number of Smart Programs11131313
Pressure Cook YesYesYesYes
Keep WarmYesYesYesYes
Slow CookYesYesYesYes
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* The Pasteurizing program is part of the Yogurt Smart Program. When you choose “More”, it will pasteurize milk. Be sure to check the temperature of the heated milk to ensure it reaches the proper temperature.

Looking at the four model sizes side-by-side, the 6 quart, 8 quart, and 10 quart Duo Nova’s have two additional smart programs: multigrain and poultry.

The Duo Nova for all sizes does not include the Cake Setting, egg, or pasteurize features if you’re interested in that particular smart program. But don’t worry as you can still make hard-boiled eggs using the steam setting and cakes in any size Duo Nova by using the pressure cook setting and adjusting the time.

8 quart Duo Nova
Check price

How does the Duo Nova and Duo compare? What changed with this model?

If you already have a Duo and thinking about purchasing a Duo Nova, or purchasing an Instant Pot for the first time, check out this comparison to help you understand the differences.

Overall, both models are very similar from a smart program perspective and the Duo Nova has a few changes, especially with an added safety feature compared to the original Duo.

The Instant Pot Duo Nova model has a backlit display and additional safety features of the auto sealing lid. The auto sealing lid is a feature I love in the Ultra so it’s great to see it here.

Also exciting to see with this new model is comes with two sealing rings, a steam rack, and a measuring cup.

Price-wise both models are about the same per quart size. With flash sales and deals you may be able to score some savings on your purchase.

And the largest (literally) difference is this is the first Instant Pot made as a 10 quart option. If you’re looking for a larger electric pressure cooker, check out this model. If you didn’t see it when the Duo Nova was released, it was probably because it was released later and listed separately from the other Duo Nova’s on Amazon.

And if you’re trying to choose between a few other models, check out these additional side-by-side comparisons:

Don’t forget the accessories! Regardless of which Instant Pot you buy, don’t forget the accessories. These Instant Pot Duo Nova accessories will also work for the Duo, Duo Plus, and Ultra.

Which sizes are the Instant Pot Duo Nova available in?

Good news. The new Instant Pot Duo Nova is available in 4 sizes (3 quart, 6 quart, 8 quart, and 10 quart). The 3 common sizes that Instant Pot manufacturers for its models plus an additional larger size.

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The dimensions and weight of the new Duo Nova are as follows:

Duo Nova 3 Nova Quart Mini11.41011.28.8 lbs
Duo Nova 6 Quart13.412.212.511.8 lbs
Duo Nova 8 Quart14.813.216.315.6 lbs
Duo Nova 10 Quart16.815.3116.3420.9 lb

What are your thoughts on the new Instant Pot Duo Nova?

When you buy an Instant Pot, you need to decide which size and features are most important to you. The new Duo Nova has a few interesting options with this newly released model that make a great option to buy.

What about you? What features are important to you as you decide with one to buy?

Compare other models to the Instant Pot Duo Nova

To help you as you shop around, check out these additional side-by-side comparisons with the Duo Nova.

Meet the new Instant Pot Duo Nova. I setup a quick guide of the features and sizes available for the model


  1. I would like a recipe book specific to the 10 quart instant pot duo with quantities of product, water, how to add spices and cream to recipes in the pot. Where can I find one. The chart included in the pot I just purchased gives some information, but not enough.

    1. Hey Carol –

      Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t looked for recipes at the 10 quart level. My guess is you can probably take a traditional (6 quart) recipe and increase it by half, which would you get you up to something that’s about 9 quart-sized. For the most part, you usually don’t need to adjust time unless it’s a really thick piece of meat.

      Good luck and I’d love to know what you think of the 10 quart. The largest I have is an 8 quart.

      – Cara

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