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How to remove Instant Pot liner discoloration

Wondering about the Instant Pot liner discoloration you noticed after cooking up your recent dish? Don’t worry. There’s a few tips on how to remove it.

Does the insider of your stainless steel liner have a blueish tinge? First things, first. Don’t worry! The heating process of cooking in the Instant Pot sometimes turns liner a color and not the shiny stainless steel you expected after scrubbing it down. The good news is that the Instant Pot liner discoloration is usually easy to remove.

How to remove Instant Pot liner discoloration

2 ways to remove the Instant Pot Liner discoloration

You probably already tried washing the liner with regular soap and water a few times. It’s ok. Don’t worry. The discoloration is likely the result of cooking, so you didn’t do anything wrong! The blueish tinge is the result of heat. I had macaroni-shaped discolorations after one early meal that I cooked.

You should be able to remove most discolorations with simple things you may already have in your home. Honestly, I’ve stopped worrying too much on a regular basis since I’m not putting my liners on display, but if you want to try and remove the blue tinge, here are two quick options using things you likely already have.

Try a quick swish with regular white vinegar in the liner

White vinegar is a simple quick fix that usually works for me when I want to bring the liner back to a shiny stainless steel finish. I usually give it a swish of vinegar, rise it out, and let it dry. If you still have a bit of discoloration left, try again and let the vinegar sit for a little while longer.

Try a quick scrub with barkeeper’s friend

Barkeeper’s friend isn’t just for bars or keeping your stainless steel sink sparkling. If your liner has a persistent stain, or other discoloration after washing, try rubbing down the liner with Barkeeper’s friend. And then wash it up well again with soap and water. That should catch anything that remains.

Over to you, what has worked for you to clean the discoloration out of your Instant Pot liner?

I’m sure you’re frustrated seeing your liner with stains after you’re done washing the dishes. Personally, I usually don’t worry too much about it, but if you want to bring your liner back to a shiny finish try the two options above. Fortunately, they’re common household items that you can use to fix this in a pinch. And again, don’t worry. It’s part of the cooking process, not something you did wrong when using your Instant Pot!

2 quick ways to clean up that Instant Pot Liner Discoloration