Instant Pot Mini Comparisons

Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker than brought a safe version of pressure cooking to the home chef. And if you’re new to Instant Pot, I started to put together Instant pot Mini comparisons to help keep the overwhelm to a minimum.

Seriously though, there are 8 Instant Pot different series to choose from, but only 4 series have a 3 quart version. If you’re like me, the 3 quart is more your size. You’re cooking for one (or maybe two), and while you like leftovers, you won’t be able to try too many different recipes if you have THAT MANY leftovers.

To help you get started, I started with a comparison of the 4 models (Instant Pot Mini Lux, Duo, Duo Plus, and Ultra).

Or if you’ve already narrowed it down to the popular models, I have a focused comparison of the Instant Pot Mini Duo vs Lux. Since my original Instant Pot Mini purchase, I bought a Mini Ultra so I wrote up a comparison of the Mini Duo vs Mini Ultra to help you decide between these models.

For me, I chose the Instant Pot Mini Duo mostly because I didn’t know any better when I made my first purchase. I didn’t realize there were multiple options available. Would I make a different decision now? Possibly, more for the extra smart feature buttons. Granted I am happy with the Instant Pot Mini Duo and it was a good starting point for me, especially for the price. I may graduate to another one in the future!!

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