Instant Pot Mini Recipes

Hello! Are you looking for Instant Pot 3 quart recipes that will fit into your Instant Pot Mini without having to do the math? So am I.

I started to put together a list of what I’ve tried along with looking for what others have posted about their 3 quart Instant Pot recipes. The recipes below are scaled to fit the 3 quart model.

When creating my own recipes, I looked for ideas from other blogs and pulled together the best ideas to build my own tweaked version that would fit into my Instant Pot Mini Duo.

Instant Pot Mini Recipes, Recipes that fit a 3 quart Instant Pot

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A few notes about cooking in an Instant Pot Mini

Most Instant Pot recipes you’ll find are designed to fit the regular Instant Pot models (6 quarts). These recipes MAY or may not fit in the 3 quart model without reducing by half. Reading through the Facebook Groups, the comments have been mixed on when you need to scale a recipe or not. It completely depends on the recipe.

Tip: When doing a quick release, try doing a controlled quick release instead of just slipping the sealing valve and letting it go. Call me crazy but with 9 foot ceilings, I have no desire to clean a spray mess.

Tip: Usually you don’t need to change cooking times themselves, but if you are trying to scale a recipe on your own, it may be something you run into. I haven’t yet found an issue, but I haven’t tried all types of foods or meats.

The Recipes I’ve tried So Far

Hard Boiled Eggs

Whole Wheat Mac and Cheese

Lasagna Soup

General Tso’s Chicken


Beef and Broccoli

BBQ Chicken Wings: These are super easy and I’ve actually done them a couple of times. You can cook from frozen. Tip: When you buy fresh wings bag and freeze in portions that you’ll cook. Make it easy for quick cooking.

Egg Bites


Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes: These can be made at the time same time. In order to have both fit my Mini Duo, I used aluminum foil to create a pan for the meatloaf that sat on top of my diced potatoes. Overall it was really easy to cook this mini meatloaf, with a little creativity.

Instant Pot Mini Soup Recipes

Chicken and Dumplings for Two  (Dessert for Two)

Lasagna Soup (Mini Pressure)

Tortellini Soup (Simply Happy Foodie)

Instant Pot Mini Breakfast Recipes and Ideas

Jumbo Flower Chocolate Chip Pancake (Debbiedoo’s Home Pressure Cooking)

Instant Pot Mini Chicken Recipes

Jerk Thighs and Rice (Simply Happy Foodie)

Instant Pot Mini Beef Recipes

Meatloaf in the Instant Pot Mini (Debbiedoo’s Home Pressure Cooking)

Instant Pot Mini Mac and Cheese Recipes

Mac and Cheese is a great comfort food. And it’s great to have a quick go-to recipe or two for those nights you just need Mac and Cheese for dinner.

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese (Dessert for Two)

Whole Wheat Mac and Cheese (Mini Pressure)

Instant Pot Mini Chili Recipes

Simple Beef Chili (Mini Pressure)

Sweet Potato Chili (Simply Happy Foodie)

Instant Pot Mini Cookbooks

There are a few cookbooks published specifically for the Instant Pot Mini. I have Heather Schlueter’s Instant Pot Mini Cookbook and in 2018 a few more were published. As with most cookbooks, you’ll need to check out what’s included to decide if it’s the right one for you. I try to look for at least a few recipes I’m interested in before buying one.

Over to you! What recipes have you tried in your 3 Quart Instant Pot Mini?

What’s working for you? Where are you running into trouble?

Instant Pot Mini Recipes, Recipes that fit a 3 quart Instant Pot