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Instant Pot Porridge Setting: What is it? Which Models Have it?

Instant Pots include smart programs to help you cook conveniently and efficiently. Were you looking at the front panel of the electric pressure cooks and want to know more about the Instant Pot Porridge setting? Here is a preview of the button’s features and which models include the setting.

The Instant Pot electric pressure cookers include smart programs that were created based on extensive testing. Smart programs control multiple aspects of the cooking process including temperature, pressure, heat intensity, and duration all at the push of a button. The Instant Pot Porridge button controls one specific smart program.

Instant Pot Duo to look at the Instant Pot Porridge Setting, one of the smart program buttons

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What does the Instant Pot Porridge setting do?

Porridge is a dish made by boiling grains or another ground starchy plant in water or milk. It’s typically eaten for breakfast. If the button name seems unusual, it’s because you are likely more familiar with oatmeal, the most common type of this dish.

Like the other Instant Pot Smart Programs, the porridge smart program presets the cooking pressure, heat intensity, temperature, and time.

The porridge button sets an initial cooking time and you can adjust as needed. By default, the button cooks at high pressure for different lengths of time.

  • Normal Setting: 20 minutes by default, is for white rice, porridge/congee,
  • More Setting: 30 minutes default and is for rice porridge/congee with a mix of various grains or beans,
  • Less Setting: 5 minutes by default and is for cooking oatmeal, steel cut or rolled oats

Make sure to check the recipe you’re using and adjust the time as needed. And to avoid a messy ceiling, use an NR (natural release) as these types of foods expand.

Also make sure you use the right ratio of water for the type of grain you’re cooking. Your recipe should include this information.

Which Instant Pot models have the porridge button

Sometimes only a few of the Instant Pot models have a specific smart program, and within the series, the 3 quart models may not have the button either. The mini model only has so much space on the control panel.

Before you buy your Instant Pot, double-check if the porridge button is on both the model and size. It’s also possible that earlier versions of a model don’t have a button and it’s added into new models as they adjust the functions of a specific Instant Pot Model.

Which Instant Pot models have the porridge Setting?

The porridge setting, compared to other buttons, is on many of the common Instant Pot models.

This button is also on all size options when it’s included on a model such as the Instant Pot Duo Nova. Unlike the cake button which is not on the 3 quart models, for example, the porridge setting is available on the mini models.

And be sure to double-check the specific Instant model you plan to buy before purchasing because it’s also possible a button that was available before is switched out for a different program. Or in some cases, the button is added to newer Instant Pot versions.

3 Quart6 Quart8 Quart10 Quart
Instant Pot LuxYesYesYes
Instant Pot DuoYesYesYes
Instant Pot VivaYesYes
Instant Pot Duo PlusYesYesYes
Instant Pot UltraYesYesYes
Instant Pot Smart WiFiYes
Instant Pot Duo NovaYesYesYesYes
Instant Pot Duo SVYes
Instant Pot Duo Evo PlusYes*

* The Instant Pot Evo Plus has a “Rice/Grain” button that allows you to select White Rice, Oatmeal, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Risotto, Multigrain, Porridge, or custom. This version of the program cooks at both high and low pressure. The manual recommends using a natural release to avoid blocking the steam release pipe.

At this time, the Instant Pot Max and Duo Crisp models do not include the porridge smart program

What if your Instant Pot doesn’t have the Porridge Smart Program?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to miss out on making oatmeal or other porridge recipes in your Instant Pot doesn’t have this button. Most recipes use manual (or pressure cook) in the cooking instructions anyway.

Double-check the recipe you’re preparing for any additional instructions related to time and ingredients to help you have a great finished dish.

Over to you. What do you think about the Instant Pot Porridge Button?

Is this a setting you want on your Instant Pot or are you trying to make oatmeal with a manual setting process?

Instant Pot Porridge Setting: What is it? Which models have it?

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