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Instant Vortex Air Fryer cooking times

When you’re first starting with a new kitchen appliance knowing the temperature and cooking time for different types of foods can be a challenge. Here is a list of the Instant vortex air fryer cooking times as recommended by the manufacturer.

Your Instant Vortex Air Fryer can cook many different types of foods, from snacks to main dishes, side dishes to appetizers, and even baked goods. To help you get started Instant has a few cooking time and temperature suggestions along with which smart program to use.

If you’re using a recipe created for a basket-based air fryer, you may also want to follow that as well or adjust slightly based on the recommendations from the company.

When you’re cooking in your air fryer make sure to use an oven-safe cookware if needed. And leave enough room for the air to circulate. Air circulation is a critical part of an air fryer to work well.

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Cooking times for different types of foods using the 6 quart Instant Vortex Air Fryer

The following cooking times are based on Instant’s recommendations for its 6-quart air fryer models the Instant Vortex and Instant Vortex Plus. Times may vary based on the food you have in your air fryer, especially how thick it is. Always keep an eye on what you’re cooking and adjust accordingly. And make sure you cook all meats to a safe temperature to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Air frying is a fun way to cook food faster and with less oil. Healthy eating is on the 2020 must-do list. Just like when you try any new cooking method, sometimes it takes a few tries to get the routine down 100%.

Also check the recipe you’re using for recommendations for time and temperature. A basket-based air fryer will cook differently than an air fryer over or toaster oven based on the heating element location.

Let’s take a look at the cooking program, time, and temperature recommendations for fries, meats and fish, veggies, snacks, and baked goods.

French Fries (fresh or frozen)

French fries and other “fried” foods are one of the reasons to buy an air fryer so that you can make those amazing treats healthier. Instead of deep-frying fries, you can create a crispy side dish or snack using air.

The cooking times will depend on if you’re using fresh or frozen fries. It also matters if they’re thin-cut or thick-cut. If you’re in a hurry you might be able to shave a few minutes off the cooking time by using 400F instead of 385F.

When cooking fries, you can use either the Air Fry or Roast settings. Make sure you shake the basket partway to ensure even cooking.

FoodProgramCooking Time*Temperature*Instructions
Thin-cut fries (frozen)Air Fry/Roast14-18 minutes385 FShake partway
Thick-cut fries (frozen)Air Fry/Roast16-20 minutes385 FShake partway
Thin-cut fries (fresh)Air Fry/Roast18-20 minutes385 FShake partway
Thick-cut fries (fresh)Air Fry/Roast20-25 minutes385 FShake partway

Chicken Wings

There are a few favorites when it comes to air fryers and chicken wings is on that list. And there’s more than few ways to cook up a nice batch of wings for your next snack or even a meal.

The cooking times will depend on if you’re using fresh or frozen wings. And you may also notice differences in both cooking time and crispiness if you stack your wings versus keeping them in a single layer.

When cooking wings, you can use either the Air Fry or Roast settings. Make sure you turn the wings or shake the basket partway through the time to ensure even cooking. Keep an eye on them as some wings are thicker than others. You’ll want to make sure they’re thoroughly cooked to avoid nasty surprises.

FoodProgramCooking Time*Temperature*Instructions
Chicken Wings (Frozen)Air Fry/Roast20-30 minutes400FTurn or shake partway
Chicken Wings (Fresh)Air Fry/Roast18-25 minutes400FTurn or shake partway

Meat and Fish

Air fryers isn’t just for snacks. You can also cook up your meat or fish main dish. In addition to chicken you can cook beef and different types of fish.

And while some of these dishes can use the roast or air fry programs, a few work better using the Broil program in the Instant Vortex Plus. If you’re in the process of researching your first air fryer purchase you may want to think about the types of foods you’ll cook before buying a specific model.

The cooking times will depend on the thickness of your food, so keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn’t overcook or undercook. Always cook meat and fish long enough to reach a safe temperature.

FoodProgramCooking Time*Temperature*Instructions
Chicken Nuggets (frozen)Broil/Air Fry10-15 minutes400FTurn partway
Half chicken (up to 2 lbs)Roast30-40 minutes380FBaste partway through (optional)
Chicken (quarter)Air Fry18 minutes400FTurn partway
Beef steakAir Fry12 minutes400FTurn partway
SalmonRoast13 minutes380F
Shrimp (Fresh)Air Fry8-10 minutes350FTurn partway
Fish Sticks (Frozen)Broil8-12 minutes400FTurn partway
White Fish FilletBroil3-4 minutes400F


Here a few veggies to get you started with cooking in your air fryer. This isn’t the end of the list. You’ll also notice that you can either bake or air fry with different types of temperatures. You should turn your veggies partway through the cooking time to ensure even heating.

FoodProgramCooking Time*Temperature*Instructions
AsparagusBroil/Bake7-9 minutes380FTurn partway
AsparagusAir Fry3 minutes400FTurn partway
CauliflowerBroil/Bake6-10 minutes380FTurn partway
CauliflowerAir Fry2-5 minutes350FTurn partway
Corn, on the cobRoast10 minutes400FTurn partway

Other Snacks and Appetizers

Part of the fun with an air fryer is quick access to snacks including nachos or creating your own fruit leather if you have an Instant Vortex Plus with the dehydrate program.

You can try cooking your nachos wither using the broil or air fry programs. Keep an eye on the cheese to ensure it doesn’t fly up into the heating element and melts without burning.

If you’re thinking about cooking pizza in your air fryer find a pizza that will fit within the basket.

FoodProgramCooking Time*Temperature*Instructions
NachosBroil3-5 minutes400FCheck cheese halfway
NachosAir Fry2 minutes400F
FalafelAir Fry20 minutes380FTurn partway
SpanakopitaBake15 minutes330FTurn partway
Pizza (Frozen)Air Fry3-4 minutes400FSet it and forget it
Fruit LeatherDehydrate6 to 7 hours150FThinly slice or puree fruit. Use an oven-safe pan

Baked Goods

And to wrap up a few cooking times for your 6 quart Instant Vortex, you can also bake a few different types of things. It’s always nice to either have a dessert after a meal or start your day with a muffin.

When baking in an air fryer make sure you use an oven-safe dish and leave it uncovered unless otherwise instructed by a recipe. You’ll also need to find a dish that fits in the basket of your air fryer with enough room left for air to circulate.

With the circulated air, your recipe will typically cook faster than it would in a conventional oven. And if you’re using a recipe designed for an air fryer, you may want to gauge your cooking times and temperatures based on that.

FoodProgramCooking Time*Temperature*Instructions
CakeBake25-35 minutes365FUse an oven-safe baking dish and leave uncovered
CupcakeBake10-12 minutes365FUse an oven-safe baking dish and leave uncovered
MuffinBake15 minutes350FUse an oven-safe baking dish and leave uncovered

What other questions do you have about Instant Vortex Air Fryer cooking times?

Cooking times and temperatures are recommendations only from the company for various popular food to cook in an air fryer. Make sure you use oven-safe cookware if you’re cooking something that needs a pan or dish.

Depending on the thickness of the food you’re making the cooking times could vary. And also double-check any recipes for additional suggestions.

You cook a lot of different things in your Instant Vortex. Don’t take the Instant Vortex Air Fryer cooking times list above as a limit to your options. Use it as a starting point.

What other foods are you thinking of cooking?


  1. Is there a time and temp difference that should be used using the smaller 2 qt air fryer? Smaller space overall in this smaller basket for the heat to encompass and air fry, etc. Will time and temp be less to get the job done? Will the food get too dark or burn with the standard time and temps used by a 4, 6, or 10 qt air fryer? Thanks.

    1. Hi Sheila –

      Great question. I haven’t looked into it myself yet and will have to see if there’s any information available. This list was based on what Instant provided prior to the mini’s release. Typically I set a temperature and then flip partway through, at which point I take a guess on how much more time is needed.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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