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The Largest Instant Pot Available: Meet the 10 Quart Duo Nova (2020)

The largest Instant Pot size available is the 10 quart Duo Nova. Here is an overview of the features of this Instant Pot model.

Instant Pot sells various options of their electric pressure cookers in sizes ranging from 3 quarts to 6 quarts to 8 quarts. In 2019, they added a 10-quart model to the lineup as part of the Duo Nova model series.

There is currently only one 10 quart Instant Pot option available, the 10 quart Duo Nova.

Instant Pot lid for an 8 quart Ultra when considering the largest Instant Pot size

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A quick look at 10 Quart Instant Pot Duo Nova

The Duo Nova 10 quart is the largest Instant Pot available and only model available at this size currently. It was released in early September 2019 and is available to buy online.

If you didn’t realize the 10 quart was an option, it’s completely understandable. It was also released separately from the rest of the Duo Nova model line. And it was originally listed separately the 3, 6, and 8 quart pots. You needed to know to look for it.

10 Quart Instant Pot Duo Nova
10 quart

The 7 Kitchen Appliances combined in one

All Instant Pots combine multiple kitchen appliances into one, the Instant Pot Duo Nova 10 Quart does the same.

It also follows the features available in the rest of the Duo Nova series by combining 7 kitchen appliances into one including:

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Rice Cooker
  • Steamer
  • Slow Cooker
  • Sauté/Searing
  • Yogurt Maker
  • Warmer

The 13 included Smart Programs

This 10 quart model has the same 13 smart programs as the rest of the Duo Nova series including:

  • Pressure Cook 
  • Soup/Broth
  • Meat/Stew
  • Bean/Chili
  • Rice
  • Multigrain
  • Porridge
  • Poultry
  • Steam
  • Slow Cook
  • Yogurt*
  • Sauté
  • Keep Warm

* The Yogurt smart program has a pasteurizing feature when you choose “More”. The Yogurt Smart Program will pasteurize milk. Be sure to check the temperature of the heated milk to ensure it reaches the proper temperature.

Like the other size options in the Duo Nova line, this Instant Pot does not include the cake, or egg programs.

You don’t need to worry about missing out on cooking these types of dishes. The Steam program is commonly recommended for hard-boiled eggs and cakes such as cheesecake can be made using the pressure cook program.

Instant Pot Duo Nova 10 Quart Specs

Here’s a closer look at the specifications of the 10 quart Duo Nova to help you decide if it’s the right size for your family and kitchen.

The dimensions of the new Instant Pot Duo Nova 10 quart are: 14.8L x 15.5W x 14.7H inches.

And this Instant Pot weights just under 21 lbs, coming in at 20.9 lbs.

Instant Pot Duo Nova 8 Quart vs 10 Quart

If you’re wondering how much additional space you’ll get with the larger model, here are a few things to consider.

The 10 quart model has a higher power source than the 8 quart, coming in at 1440W. And it’s the second most powerful Instant Pot, with the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air fryer coming in at 1500W.

The 8 quart model is a little lighter and smaller than the 10 quart model. The larger model weighs just over 5 lbs more. And while the 10 quart is less than an inch taller, it adds another almost 2 inches to the width.

8 Quart Duo Nova10 Quart Duo Nova
Smart Programs1313
Power Supply120V-60Hz120V-60Hz
Weight15.6 lb20.9 lb
Dimensions14.8L × 13.6W × 14H14.8L × 15.5W × 14.7H

What accessories included in the box

When you buy the 10 quart Duo Nova, you’ll also receive 2 silicone sealing rings along with the trivet/steam rack.

If you’re new to Instant Pots, having extra sealing rings is really helpful to prevent your desserts from accidentally picking up tastes from the other meals you cook.

If you need additional liners or sealing rings, try reaching out to their support team as these are not currently available for sale directly on their site.

Over to you, what do you think about the largest Instant Pot?

In September 2019, the 8 quart Instant Pot was no longer the largest option available from this brand. They released a new 10 quart as part of the Duo Nova model series.

When choosing an Instant Pot, what are you considering when deciding on quart size?

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Largest Instant Pot Size (2020): Overview of the 10 Quart Duo Nova


  1. I have a 6 qt Instant Pot which I LOVE, but need a second, larger one to do our 7 lb chickens that we raise ourselves and are now in our freezer. I’m guessing I’d need the 10 qt size, but am having a hard time finding it for sale. Where are you finding it available for purchase? Thanks.

    1. Hey Amy –

      Thanks for stopping by. It looks like the 10 quart Instant Pot sold out in the last day or so with the deals they were running on Amazon. So either you may need to sit tight or a bit or I’m wondering if the 8 quart will work as it’s reasonably sizable as well. Here’s a list of the Instant Pot dimensions if you haven’t looked at that yet.

  2. I got the 10qt Duo Nova off Amazon for 89.99. I think that is a great value. I am interested in finding cookbooks that utilize this size pot. Any recommendations?

    1. Hey David.

      Thanks for stopping by and congrats on your purchase! That price was definitely a good one. I haven’t seen any specific cookbooks yet on this and I reached out to recipe writer as well to mention your question. Typically the suggestion is to scale up the ingredients and keep the cooking time the same. Since most recipes are based on the 6 quart model (unless otherwise mentioned), you could either increase the ingredients by half to get to “9 quarts” or by 2/3 to get to a 10 quart sized recipe.

      My friend that I reached out to mentioned her Instant Pot course was created using an 8 quart model, but most recipes are probably geared to the 6 quart ingredient size.

  3. My family loves my Baby back ribs. In my 6 QT I can cook 1 and 1/2 racks. In my 8 QT I can cook 2 and 1/2 racks and my 10 QT I can cook 3 full racks(no cutting).
    6 QT recipe…4 cups apple juice
    1/2 cup apple vinegar
    2 Table spoons of liquid smoke.
    Cook 20 to 25 mins Fast release. Put on cookie sheet cover with Bar-b-que sauce into the broiler for five mins….serve.

    1. Hey Mark –

      Thanks for stopping by. These sound amazing. Ribs have been been on my list of things to try. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. On your dimensions and comparisons chart you have the two mixed up. Earlier you wrote the dimensions for the 10 quart but then in the comparison chart they’re different.
    My rice cooker died so I’m looking into the Instapot so I hope they live up to the hype. Thank you for the information.

  5. I have a 8 quart, 6 q, and 3 q. Is there any true advantage to getting the 10q? I love my instant pot but fear I may have a IP addiction. Granted on Monday I cooked 3 dishes in my instant pots with the 6q and 3q being used simultaneously (the 8q is saved for large items such as batches of stuffed cabbage, larger roasts). Will a 10 q allow for a full size bundt pan in it? If so, I may invest.

    1. Hi Jannine –

      Thanks for stopping by. I don’t have the dimensions of the 10 quart inner liner to compare with a full size bundt pan. I would guess the liner is an inch or so wider than the 8 quart. If the 8 quart is just too small for the bundt pan, then it would likely fit the larger one. If the 8 quart is several inches too small for that pan, then it may or may not fit the larger Instant Pot.

  6. Has the 10 qt been discontinued, if so why?

    I have a 6qt, and borrowed an 8qt…..both too small for several of my stock pot recipes.

    Need the 10qt.
    Thevreason for my question is i have seen 2 on amazon for near 500……thats a super gouge.

    1. It’s possible it’s been discontinued or with the wonky supply chain, it’s on backorder. You’d need to reach out to the company to ask directly. I don’t see the 10 quart listed on their website, but I can’t remember if it was ever there or potentially just an Amazon offering.

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