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Grilling ideas for an outdoor electric grill

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to grill besides the usual hot dogs and hamburgers. Even on an electric grill, the sky’s the limit (almost).

How about these ideas to spark your imagination of things to try

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6 Outdoor Electric Grill Ideas for your next outdoor meal

To help you start thinking about what to cook the next time you use your electric grill here are 6 ideas to get you started. One other thing to consider is you can mix things up by switching up spices and sauces.


Choose your favorite burger: beef, turkey, or veggie. Burgers are your typical go-to when it comes to grilling. On the Q2400 you can fit multiple burgers at one time or grill a few fewer burgers and heat up hamburger rolls on the other half of the grill.


Steak is another go-to grilled meal that’s relatively simple. You do want to keep an eye on it and not cook too long, especially if you bought a thinner but of meat. There are few things worse than an overcooked hockey puck.

Marinating a flank steak is also a nice alternative to a regular steak if you’re looking for something different.

Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs are another fun thing to cook on an electric grill. Many recipes call for indirect cooking, which isn’t possible on a single burner Weber electric grill. There are ways to grill them on direct heat and they come out great.

Rack of Lamb

You can use your electric grill year-round and for holidays a rack of lamb is a nice alternative. It also saves your house from getting smokey if you try to broil it instead. And grilling your rack of lamb frees up your kitchen to cook up other side dishes.

Grilled meatballs with whole wheat pasta and Vodka cream sauce

At a minimum, the meatballs are grilled and the pasta and sauce could be purchased in a pinch. Preheat your grill to high. Grill on each side about 5 minutes until cooked through (or 10 minutes if oversized).

The Vodka sauce pairs nicely with the smokey flavor of the meat.

Grilled chicken (or other meat) with mixed vegetables

If you have a larger electric grill you can grill some chicken along with mixed vegetables. Squash, asparagus, and even broccoli make more nice grilled simple side dishes.