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Weber Q240 vs Q2400: Two electric grill versions side-by-side

Weber released its first outdoor electric grill over 10 years ago. Over the years they’ve made a few changes including releasing a larger version of its original electric grill. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the Weber Q240 vs Q2400 electric grills.

If you live in a condo or townhouse, open flame grills including propane and charcoal may be prohibited by your local fire regulations or your homeowners’ association (HOA). An outdoor electric grill may be an option for you and your HOA to consider so you can still grill safely.

Weber started selling outdoor electric grills more than 10 years ago and later added a larger model, the Q240. They updated their grill a few times over the years and as of 2014 now sells under the model name Q2400.

If you have an earlier model Weber electric grill and wondering about the differences between the Weber Q240 vs Q2400, here’s a quick review of the options.

Close up of a new Weber Q2400 electric grill for comparing the Weber Q240 vs Q2400

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In 2014 Weber updated the name and style of both of their electric grills. The new versions are now named the Q1400 and Q2400. Overall most of the differences between the two grill versions are cosmetic as the core of the Q2400 and Q240 grills are identical. The color stayed the same dark grey with a few other exterior design changes including the lid handle.

The most important differences between the two versions of the larger electric grill are:

  • grill carts compatibility, and
  • an added safety feature on the power cord in the Q2400

Where the Weber Q240 vs Q2400 are the same

The Weber Q240 and Q2400 are really sturdy outdoor electric grills, built with glass-reinforced nylon frames and cast aluminum lids. Compared to their gas and charcoal cousins, the electric grill also has an aluminum heat-retention liner in the lid and base.

Both versions of this larger Weber electric grill have the same heating element that is 1560-watt/120 volt so you can plug it into a regular outdoor outlet. The cooking temperature is controlled by a dial-based infinite heat selector. You don’t have to grill everything ton screaming hot and can choose the right temperature for the food you’re cooking.

Both versions of this grill are intended for outside use only as they create smoke while cooking.

Similarities between the Q240 vs Q2400 models

Lid ColorDark GreyDark Grey
Electric Heating Element1560-watt1560-watt
Lid and bodyCast AluminumCast Aluminum
FrameGlass-reinforced nylonGlass-reinforced nylon
Added Heat RetentionAluminum liner in lid and baseAluminum liner in lid and base
Electric Outlet RequiredStandard 120-volt outletStandard 120-volt outlet
Grate Size17 inches long by 12-1/2 inches wide17 inches long by 12-1/2 inches wide
Grilling Area280 square inches280 square inches
Grill Size in inches (lid closed)14.5 H x 31.5 W x 19.5 D14.5 H x 31.5 W x 19.5 D
Grill Size in inches (lid open)20.5 H x 27 W x 23.5 D26 H x 31.5 W x 25.1 D
UsageOutdoors onlyOutdoors only

How the Weber Q240 vs Q2400 are different

The four main ways the Weber Q240 vs Q2400 are different include: lid finish, power cord, grill cart compatibility.

In addition to changing the name, there were a few cosmetic design changes as Weber refreshed their electric grills. The lid finish changed from shiny to matte, the handle was streamlined, and side carry handles changed shape a little.

The grates in the Q2400 are porcelain-enameled cast-iron and the original Q240 were made of a matte finish cast-iron. The cast-iron grates result in great grill marks and hold heat really well. And changing up the surface finish to porcelain-enameled makes them much easier to clean.

The Q2400 power cord also includes a GFCI to help improve safety. One additional noticeable difference is the power cord between the older and newer model version, is the newer power cord also has a ground-fault device on it. These types of devices prevent electric shocks.

It’s also important to note the Q240 and Q2400 have different grilling carts that are not cross-compatible. The version that was used with the Q240 has also been discontinued. You may still be able to find the older model if you search the web, but given the years since 2014, availability will be limited. Or if you have an existing Q240 and upgrade to the newer Q2400 model make sure you get a new cart unless you’re planning to grill using a tabletop.

Differences between the Q240 and Q2400 models

Lid FinishShinyMatte
Cooking Gratesmatte cast-ironPorcelain-enameled cast-iron
Electric Cord6 Foot Grounded 6 Foot Grounded with GFI
Grill CartWeber Q100/200 Series Rolling Cart (discontinued)Weber 6557 Q Portable Cart
Weber 6525 Q Cart for Grilling
StatusDiscontinuedAvailable for purchase

There was an increase in the price for the Q240 vs Q2400.

HINT: If you have an older Q240 Weber electric gill that’s still working well (and they do last for years even when left outside), you may want to consider freshing the grates. The new grates fit both the current and previous models. If you are using matte cast-iron grate, check out the newer porcelain-coated cast-iron grate. The smooth finish is much easier are easier to clean in addition to holding the heat for awesome grill marks. Make sure double-check listing to ensure you’re buying the right sized-version.

A quick summary of model differences

In 2014 Weber released an updated version of its larger outdoor electric grill. The Q2400 continues to be based on the sturdy core design of Weber’s products with a few updates including the name. The updated porcelain-coated cast-iron grate was a welcomed enhancement that improves cleaning off the carbon after cooking.

If you have an existing Q240 and aren’t ready to upgrade just check, consider checking out a replacement grate as most of the changes were cosmetic.


  1. There also seems to be a significant difference in suggested cooking times (by Weber) as between the two grills. The recommended 2400 cooking times are significantly shorter than are the 240. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Mark –
      It’s an interesting question. I’ve used/owned both, but don’t think I’ve ever compared cooking times. It’s possible they adjusted based on additional information from usage. I’ve used rough estimates and then of course checked for doneness.

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