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Weber Q2400 Electric Grill Review by a Condo Resident

A Weber Q2400 Electric Grill review by a condo resident and long-time Weber Electric Grill owner. When I needed a new outdoor electric grill I didn’t hesitate to buy another Weber.

Hello, fellow aspiring condo grillers! Does your HOA prohibit gas and charcoal grills? Don’t worry. There are options. If you haven’t looked at outdoor electric grills, check out my review of this Weber electric grill.

When you bought your house, which grill you’d buy might not have been at the top of your list. And once the warmer weather was right around the corner you realized open-flame grills were not allowed in the community. Risking a fire that affects not only your home but also your neighbors is important to take seriously.

You don’t have to miss out on the grilling experience regardless of where you live. If you are not familiar with Weber Electric Grills, take a closer look at what the Q2400 has to offer from someone that has owned and used them for years.

Weber Q2400 Electric Grill Review
My brand new Weber Q2400, right before using it for the first time

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As a coastal condo owner, I bought my first Weber Electric Grill the spring after I moved into my house. I started with the smaller grill (Q140 which is now the Q1400). And I later upgraded to the large grill.

In 2018 when it was time to replace my Q240, I didn’t hesitate to buy the current Weber Q2400 electric grill model. As of 2021 I still have this grill sitting outside on my patio.

What is a Weber Q2400 Electric Grill?

Weber sells 2, soon to be 3, electric grill models in the United States. An electric outdoor grill uses electricity to cook your food instead of using a flame-based fuel such as propane or charcoal.

The Q2400 is a grilling option for people that live in a condo building that prohibit open-flame grills, live in areas where fires are a concern, or simply don’t want to refill propane tanks.

Electric Weber Grill Q2400
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This grill is the larger of the two Q-series electric grills sold by Weber. In addition to price, the largest difference between the two grills is the size. The Q2400 offers 280 square inches of cooking space, so this grill also weighs more than the smaller one.

When it comes to the Q2400 it may not be available in-store at your local large hardware and appliance stores. So buying one online might feel like a leap of faith.

Why I bought the Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

When you live in a condo community, electric grills may be the only option allowed on your patio. State fire regulations may prohibit open-flame grills in multi-family homes because fire can turn into a large fire quickly.

Back in 2011 when I bought my first electric grill, there were only a few options available and Weber came as a recommendation from a neighbor who also had one. It may not be obvious that these types of grills exist unless you’re looking for them specifically.

After using the older model for several years, I knew it was a great grill that fit my cooking needs. And to be honest, not having to refill a propane tank is a bonus. The cost of running a natural gas line, when it was allowed, was beyond cost-prohibitive. There are better ways to spend thousands of dollars.

The Weber held up extremely well being kept outside year-round in the salt air for 5 years.

TIP: Use a grill cover so that the exterior doesn’t get completely exposed to the elements.

I prefer the Q2400 vs the Q1400 because of the size. I wanted the larger cooking space. They’re really the same grill, but the Q2400 allows you to grill more food at one time. I can grill fairly large packages of chicken legs in one batch.

I can still get a smokey flavor with the electric grill. After cooking fatty foods such as chicken legs or burgers, the grates and reflector plates start to “season”. You can purchase small smoke boxes, or make your own if you also want that wood-smoked flavor.

TIP: The first few times you use your electric grill, try cooking fatty foods such as chicken legs or burgers to help “season” your grill to build up that smokey flavor.

Comparing the Q240 and Q2400

If you have an older working Q240 model you may be trying to decide if it’s time to upgrade.

For the most part, the Q240 vs Q2400 is the same grill, with a few updated design features. A great feature that comes with the latest version of this grill is the cast-iron cooking grates have a gloss enamel finish compared to the matte finish on the previous model.

The new gloss-enameled grates are much easier to clean while doing a great job at retaining heat. Cast iron grates were not included on the original Q140 and really help improve the grilling capabilities of an electric grill.

The new Q2400 also has a ground fault on the power cord itself, which is a great added safety feature.

Honestly, I kept my Q240 for several years after the Q2400 came out because my grill was still working well at the time. The one thing I might have done in hindsight was to replace the grates with the easier to clean gloss-enameled versions. They’re the same size for both grills.

Is the Weber Q2400 right for you?

There are several electric grill options available on the market so you’ll want to do your research. When it comes to choosing between the two Weber electric grills you’ll need to decide if you want the extra cooking space, and the weight and price that comes along with it.

If you have the patio space and like to cook in larger portions, the Q2400 is likely the better option for you.

On the other hand, if you typically only plan to grill a couple of burgers or really only cook for 1 or 2 people consider taking a closer look at the smaller Q1400 electric grill. With will save you some space and money while better fitting your grilling needs.

A few tips about electric grills, for new grillers

The smokey flavor generally comes from the splatter of previously cooked foods on both the grates and reflector. The accumulation of the splatter over time can feel a little icky. While the grill gets super hot (and I’ve measured temperature on the grates at 500+), it’s not quite enough to completely incinerate all the splatter.

Once I’m done with a grilling session, I leave the grill on for about 10 minutes to let it burn up any leftover splatters so I can scrape them off the grates. I do the same as part of the pre-heating process where I give the grates a quick scrape before starting.

If you’re going to use an extension cord, make sure it’s the heaviest grade you can find and the shortest one you need to reach your outlet. I’m not an electrician and you don’t want to create an electrical fire!

TIP: Make sure you replace your extension cord regularly, don’t keep it outside, and unplug it as soon as you’re done. Unfortunately, my last extension cord actually melted to the power cord of the grill, which brings me to my Q2400 purchase.

My Weber Q2400 Electric Grill Review Wrap up

Overall I’m really happy with the larger electric grill, and the Weber Electric Grills in general. They hold up really well for years left outside (covered of course). And the grilled flavor and experience are wonderful for this condo resident!

How about you? Do you have an electric grill or are you thinking about getting one?